Money market funds have attracted much attention since 2018, which has the characteristics of stable income, strong liquidity, low purchase limit and high capital security. Due to the length of the article, it is divided into two parts, including the basic content of money market funds, historical evolution, the scope of investment and prohibition, the discrimination of related concepts, the latest regulatory trends, the transformation of net worth and some thoughts. This paper focuses on the first three aspects for sharing.

2、 Basic connotation

3、 Historical evolution

4、 The scope of investment and prohibition

At present, the scale of money market funds is as high as 7.71 trillion yuan, accounting for 57.50% of the total scale of money market funds (about 13.40 trillion yuan). Mr. Yi Huiman, chairman of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said at the 2017 China Banking Development Forum that "the function of individual money market fund products is alienated. In the name of public funds, the bank's function is real". So money market funds have been receiving much attention since