How can I believe you? Mike felt that he was reasonable. He put his heart into his own fund and took out $4 million from his family. Gates looked, this bear child is so domineering, should have some real ability, then I might as well invest millions to play. 

This second feature is called large personal stack. Mike thinks again, it's not enough money to have this super rich investor alone. Jack, who is serving dishes at Starbucks next door, also wants to play with investment. Do I have to accept or not accept the fact that ordinary people with 120000 yuan want to invest in my fund? No, first of all, I don't have enough staff here. I'm tired to deal with small clients one by one. Second, it's too troublesome to deal with so many people for this small sum of money. Third, I still want big money. Only by investing millions and millions in me can my fund grow rapidly.