1.trading skills make trading strategies according to market trends. Basic trading skills are based on safety, without any tricks. In trading, if the trend is rising, buy long, and if the market is falling, sell short. For investors, this is an extremely basic operating principle, because in the initial stage of investment, the real trading market will not leave room for slow thinking.

Repeated simulation training.

Real familiarity with the market environment can't be achieved only by reading books or listening to other people's experiences. It needs real operation, so that the tedious trading rules will be adapted, and the small traps that may appear in the trading process will be exposed. Simulated trading provides a real and safe trading environment for investors, which can play a very good role in helping both skills and mentality.

Constantly reflect and summarize.

In the spot gold trading, the main market judgment can't only focus on the fundamental and technical analysis, because with one's own efforts, such analysis will always have shortcomings, so it is necessary to combine the trading strategies given by experts to constantly summarize and summarize the trading strategies that have been implemented, so as to realize their own shortcomings and improve them in future transactions.

Second, the moving average analysis skills

5-day moving average

The 5-day moving average is often called the attack line, which can push the price to form an attack situation in the short term, and constantly guide the gold price to rise or fall. If the 5-day moving average rises favorably, it shows that the short-term explosive power of gold price is strong. On the other hand, the 5-day moving average of gold can also reflect the support and pressure points in the trend, which is a commonly used analytical moving average.

10-day moving average

The 10-day moving average is usually called the trading line, and its main function in technical analysis is to push the price up or down continuously in a round of intermediate band market. If the price breaks through the 10-day moving average, it means that the band-based mid-line market has started. Usually, it is suggested to do more actively in the short term.

20-day moving average

The 20-day moving average has obviously helped the trading line, so it has also become an auxiliary line. It can help the trading line to push and correct the price operation strength and trend angle, stabilize the direction of the price trend operation, and also play a role in correcting the slow response of the lifeline.

30-day moving average

The 30-day moving average is the lifeline. The main function of the lifeline is to indicate the mid-term running trend of the price. In a mid-term upward trend, the lifeline has strong support and resistance.