Speculative risk. It refers to the risk that may bring opportunities and gain benefits, but also implies threats and losses. There are three possible consequences of speculative risk: causing losses, not causing losses and gaining benefits. If the risk of speculation causes losses to the main body of the activity, the whole society may not also suffer losses; on the contrary, other people may benefit from it.

3. According to the scope of investment risk, it can be divided into system risk and non system risk

(1) System risk. It refers to the risk caused by factors that affect all companies, such as war, inflation, economic recession, etc. System risk involves all the investment objects and cannot be dispersed by diversified investment, so it is also called undivided risk or market risk. For example, if an enterprise wants to invest in another enterprise through the purchase of stocks, it has to bear the market risk no matter which company it purchases, because in the economic recession, the prices of various stocks will fall to different degrees.