Fixed income products:

Investors can choose from the income voucher of securities companies, bank financial management, securities companies' asset management products, etc. After the new asset management regulations, it is a general trend to break the rigid cash conversion, and products including bank financial management are gradually turning to net value. Therefore, when selecting fixed income products, investors should focus on the investment ability of managers, and the selection of underlying assets should be more prudent. For example, if bond funds are allocated, they should choose pure bonds, and the investment direction should not include convertible bonds Due to the option attribute, the authorized assets have great influence on the convertible bonds, and the overall valuation is high at present. If you invest in the general bonds in the underlying assets, the rating of the issuer should also be improved to reduce the probability of default, so as to avoid stepping on thunder. But with monetary easing, yields on pure debt products are also falling.

Investors can choose fixed income + product thickening income