Given that the trend of A-share shows great resilience, and the absolute point is below 3000 points, which is different from the historical high of US stocks, the probability of positive return of domestic equity assets is very high. If investors still want to enjoy the benefits of equity assets that may rise, they don't want to suffer from broad shocks. We can choose the fixed income option products, base on the bond assets, take out a small part of the income of the bond assets to buy call options. In this way, if the stock market falls in the future, only the option premium will be lost, and the investor's principal will not be affected. If the stock market goes up, you can exercise and share the gains. The expected return of this kind of products is generally in the form of interval, which includes the possible gains under different market situations.

In the country's economic led development, scientific and technological and financial innovation has become an important factor and leading force in economic development. Technological innovation and financial innovation drive a virtuous cycle of economic growth