"No matter what kind of investment, you need to know its market before entering the bank. After investment, you need to constantly sum up experience and strategies to improve it before you can become a winner in the end. So how to learn to invest in crude oil? The following article summarizes how to invest for everyone.

1. Make good use of financial budget

If you want to be the final winner of investment, you must first have sufficient investment capital. Excessive financial pressure will mislead your investment strategy, increase transaction risk and lead to bigger mistakes.

2. Learn to simulate accounts and crude oil transactions for free

After all, there are risks in investment. It is suggested that beginners can try to invest with free simulated accounts first, and then practice after deeply understanding the market, thus avoiding unnecessary losses and creating better conditions for profit.

3. Trading depends on more than luck

When the number of profitable transactions is more than the number of losing transactions, and the total amount of your account is increasing, it means that you have found the knack of trading. However, if you lose 1,000 yuan in 5 transactions and gain 2,000 yuan in another transaction, although your total account is increasing, don't be self-righteous. It may be just that you are lucky or you risk winning with the largest number of transactions. You should be careful and adjust your operation strategy in time.

4. Believe in strategy and not intuition

It is not enough to create profitable results in simulated trading. It is equally important to understand the causes of profit and develop your personal profit-making operation methods. Trading intuition is important, but it is unacceptable to trade only by intuition.

5. Learn to use stop loss orders to reduce risks

Before trading, confirm your loss range and make good use of stop-loss trading to avoid huge losses. The loss range depends on the account funds, and it is best to set it at 3-10% of the total account amount. When the loss amount has reached your tolerance limit, don't look for excuses to try to put all your eggs in one basket and wait for the market to turn around, but close the position immediately. Even if the market really turns around after 5 minutes, don't regret it, because you have removed the risk that the market will continue to deteriorate and the losses will expand indefinitely. You must draw up a trading strategy, and remember that you control the trading, not let the trading control you and hurt yourself. The transaction volume should be measured according to the account amount, and no excessive transactions should be made. If the account funds are less than $3,000, it is suitable for 0.5 lots of transactions; The account funds are between $3,000 and $5,000. Unless you can be sure that the current trend is in your favor, the number of trading hands should not exceed 1 hand; If the account amount is $10,000, the number of trading ports should not exceed 2 lots. According to this rule, the risk can be effectively controlled. It is unwise to have too many hands in one transaction, and it is easy to produce out-of-control losses. The total capital amount of the deposit should not exceed 30%.

6. Talk about the implementation of the trading strategy to the end

The biggest fatal mistake of trading, which will destroy everything, is that when you (lose 500 dollars in one position) start to make excuses not to accept compensation and close positions, thinking that the market may turn around at once? When you keep thinking about it, you won't have the heart to end the position where the loss continues to expand, but will only lose your mind and wait for the market to turn around. Market changes are relentless, and will not turn the market around because of anyone's infatuation. When the loss exceeds 1,000 or more, the trader will be forced to close the position, and the trader will not only lose money but also lose courage. They will lose their confidence and decision. The reason for this mistake is simple-""greed"". A loss of 100 won't make you lose the opportunity to make up for the loss, and it is possible that you will make more profits in the next transaction, but if you lose 1,000-2 ,000 in one or two transactions, you will completely ruin the opportunity to make more money, which is difficult to make up for. In order to avoid this fatal error, we must remember a simple rule-don't let the risk exceed the originally set tolerable range, and once the loss has reached the originally set limit, don't hesitate to close the position immediately!

7. There must be sufficient investment funds

The smaller the account amount, the greater the transaction risk. Therefore, it is not allowed to make a mistake if the account amount is only 1,000 yuan. However, even experienced traders sometimes make mistakes in judgment.

8. Remember the lessons learned from the loss

Mistakes and losses are inevitable. Don't blame yourself. What is important is to learn lessons from them and avoid making the same mistakes again. The sooner you learn to accept losses and learn lessons, the sooner the profit day will come. In addition, you should learn to control your emotions. Don't be overjoyed when you earn $10, and don't want to hit the wall when you lose $20. In trading, the less personal emotion you have, the better you can see the market situation and make the right decision. To face the gains and losses with a calm attitude, it is necessary to understand that traders do not learn from profits, but grow from losses. When you know the reasons for each loss, it means that you have taken a step forward to profit again, because you have found the right direction.

9. The biggest enemy is yourself

Traders' biggest enemies are themselves-greed, impatience, out of control, unsuspecting, excessive ego, etc. It is easy for you to ignore market trends and make wrong trading decisions. Don't trade just because you haven't entered the market for a long time or because you are bored. There is no certain standard for how much you must trade in a certain period of time. Even if you only open one position in 2-3 days, this trade has made a profit of $ 10- 20, which means that your decision is correct and there is nothing wrong with it.

10. The customary record determines the factors of the transaction

Record the factors that determine the transaction in detail every day, whether there is any event news or other reasons that make you make the transaction decision, and then analyze and record the profit and loss results after making the transaction. If it is a profitable trading result, it means that your analysis is correct. When similar or the same factors reappear, your trading records will help you make a correct trading decision quickly; Of course, losing trading records can help you avoid making the same mistakes again. You can't keep all your trading experience in mind, so this record will help you improve your trading skills and find out mistakes"