"Newcomers are most worried about income or loss when choosing fund investment. Here, take the leading fund as an example to teach everyone how to operate in fund investment in order to obtain income more steadily


Clear investment objectives and their own risk tolerance.

When choosing a fund, if you have a strong risk tolerance, you can choose equity funds such as stocks; And just want to be stable and get higher returns, you can choose index funds; If you are extremely sensitive to risks and unwilling to pay for bank deposits, you can choose monetary and fixed-income funds.


Pay regular attention to fund rating

Fund rating refers to the collection of relevant information by fund rating agencies, scientific qualitative and quantitative analysis, according to certain standards, to anticipate the risks that investors need to bear after investing in a certain fund and the returns they can get, and to rank the funds according to the expectation of returns and risks.


Avoid funds that change hands too frequently

In the long run, funds with low turnover rate perform better, which shows that it is valuable for fund managers to stick to their investment philosophy. For fund investors, when the outstanding funds you hold do not perform well in a certain period of time, they should be more patient.


Be wary of fund holding or industry concentration is too high

Shareholding concentration refers to the ratio of the sum of the market value of the top ten stocks in the fund to the total market value of the fund. Fund investors can use concentration index to select funds in combination with risk preference and views on future market trends. If the fund holds a large number of stocks in a certain industry, when the stocks in this industry fall, the performance of the fund will change greatly due to the weak ability of portfolio to spread risks, which will bring serious losses to investors.


Choose a stable core team of fund companies

As we all know, the stability of fund management and investment research team plays a vital role in the fund's performance. A stable fund team can fully inherit the best investment culture of the company and ensure the continuity of investment research style, so that the investment performance will be more stable. On the contrary, the management and investment research teams are frequently changed, and the consistency of strategy and style is repeatedly destroyed, so it is naturally difficult to guarantee the performance continuity of this fund.


Understand the fund's stock selection style

In the process of investment, it is necessary to know whether the fund's investment stock selection style is a growth funds, a value fund or a balanced fund. Different styles of funds have different risk levels.


Pay more attention to the research report of the leading expert team"