"P2P online lending is different from other investment methods, which requires constant exploration and understanding in the early stage, so as not to touch the minefield. Today, we will talk about how to learn how to invest in P2P from scratch.

First, understand your risk appetite

The so-called knowing ourselves and knowing each other can win every battle. Before investing, you must first understand your own risk preferences. Only by deeply understanding and calmly treating your own risk preferences can you clearly understand your risk tolerance, and then you can choose the matching investment products, so that you can finally achieve your investment goals on the premise of effectively controlling investment risks.

Second, comprehensive understanding of P2P

Beginners want to invest in P2P, or they must first understand the online loan industry and product attributes. First of all, we should have a general understanding of the development history of P2P, and find out what is the basic knowledge of creditor's rights transfer, maturity mismatch, risk control model and so on. Then further learn how to look at all aspects of the platform based on the above, such as analyzing the platform's operation, asset-side qualifications, public opinion and various data. Let yourself have a systematic cognition and understanding of P2P.

Third, learn how to screen P2P platforms

Screening platforms should be considered from the aspects of platform compliance, information disclosure, risk control, asset side and bad debt rate. In the early stage, a small amount can be invested first, and the main purpose is to see the effect. Then choose 1-3 platforms from your pro-test platform as the ultimate investment target.

Fourth, observe policy trends in time

As an investor, it is very important to observe the policies and development trends of the whole financial industry, because regulatory policies can easily affect the development of P2P industry. For example, the new Document No.175 issued by the regulatory authorities at the recent stage clearly pointed out the signal that ""we can retreat all the time, and we should close all the doors"", which requires us not to touch the red line when choosing the platform, but to choose a platform that caters to the supervision and is legal and compliant, otherwise it will be a matter of time before stepping on thunder.

In a word, when choosing an investment platform, novices must follow the common sense of investment as much as possible and choose a formal platform that can ensure the safety of their own funds, so as to obtain steady income. Investment lenders must be cautious, grasp their mentality, learn financial knowledge well, and carefully and comprehensively select high-quality platforms to be invincible."