Beginners who have just come into contact with foreign exchange trading always feel unable to start, and the K-line chart can't be understood. The basic terminology of foreign exchange margin is also confused. . If you want to make money in the foreign exchange market, you should keep learning and never stop. How to learn foreign exchange investment, and what steps should be taken to learn foreign exchange, this article will summarize for everyone.

First, learn and understand the terms and terms related to foreign exchange trading

As a person who wants to survive in the foreign exchange market, it is the most fundamental step to understand the basic terminology.

Second, know the K-line chart

Learning the K-line chart of foreign exchange is not as complicated as imagined, and you can use some videos and books on the Internet when you know the K-line chart. Look at the K-line chart, see the yin and yang lines, see the entity size, and see the shadow line length.

Third, understand some basic technical indicators

Understand some technical indicators such as moving average, Brin, golden section, etc., which are helpful for us to get started in foreign exchange learning. As for whether we need it in the future, it is another story. Everyone has different trading methods and different indicators. There is no shortcut in this period, and it requires a certain period of accumulated study. What you have to do is to find out what is suitable for you, so many important indicators may have to be passed over.

Fourth, understand the fundamental aspects

The fundamental aspect of foreign exchange is some news affecting foreign exchange, gold, oil and policies of various countries, etc. The law under normal conditions is: a country has good economic prospects and political stability, and its currency will strengthen; On the contrary, the currency will be relatively weak. It is not easy to insist on sensitivity to the fundamental elements of the highly dynamic market, but with the deepening of the research on the fundamental aspects of the market, investors' understanding and cognition of the dynamic global market will also make great progress. After investors analyze these audio messages or the audio messages they see, they can form a concept for investors' minds, which is also a step of foreign exchange learning, which is beneficial for future foreign exchange trading.

Fifth, a large number of theories

If you don't read books and buy and sell directly, you will feel very conscious and blind spots in all kinds of learning; If you read directly, there is no theory and your memory is not deep. No matter whether we read various books or various business experiences, we are on the shoulders of others. Imitation plate is the theory, which is the only norm to test the theory. It is safe and efficient to learn foreign exchange through imitation, and to understand how common systems determine trends, positions and risk control, and gradually build their own rules in the future. The correct way is to learn a set of trading system or rules, cooperate with the correct fund management method, and keep imitating and exercising until I have a bottom in my heart.

Sixth, correct my mentality

The reason for putting this point behind is that the mentality is both difficult and important in foreign exchange learning, so stick to my business strategy, don't be at a loss or rely on other people's ideas, be patient, confident, prudent and calm.