"The so-called ""you don't manage money, but money doesn't care about you."" More and more ordinary people have idle funds on hand, and hope to invest in related financial projects, make more planned use of idle funds, and create higher value.

In the investment market, many people will choose to invest in precious metals, because compared with stocks and foreign exchange, precious metals are not only easier to make money, but also have the function of hedging, which can preserve value in special periods. However, as an investment tool, precious metals must have certain risks, so when getting started, some knowledge points must be understood clearly. The following small series introduces beginners to the introduction of precious metals investment tutorial, so that everyone can have a simple and comprehensive understanding of precious metals investment.

The first thing to know is the trading rules of precious metals. With it, investors will have certain profitability.

1. Precious metal trading is flexible 24 hours a day, free from time limit, and can repeatedly open positions and close positions within one day.

2. Precious metals trading adopts a two-way trading system, so investors can buy up and buy down, and as long as the market trend is judged correctly, they will have the opportunity to make profits.

3. Precious metal trading has leverage effect, so investors can be small and big. As long as they pay a small amount of funds as a security deposit, they can obtain corresponding multiples of contract trading rights, thus creating more wealth.

4. There is no price limit for precious metals trading, so investors can maximize profits.

5. Precious metal trading is managed by a third party, and the trading platform charges the handling fee according to a certain proportion.

6. Precious metal trading accounts are settled in US dollars instead of RMB.

To invest in precious metals, besides learning the trading rules of precious metals, the most important thing is to find a formal trading platform for precious metals before trading formally. To have a comprehensive understanding of the trading platform, it is best to operate the trading process skillfully. General trading platforms will have simulated transactions, like Jin Rong China, which can apply for a simulated account as long as it is registered. The simulated system is no different from real transactions except that the money is not real. Novice investors can use simulated accounts to know the real trading market and trading rules.

The above is the related introduction of ""Introduction to precious metals investment Tutorial"". As an international investment product, precious metals investment attracts investors in the form of leverage ratio, so that people only need margin to invest in transactions, which is just suitable for office workers with limited spare funds. At the same time, gold investment is traded in both directions 24 hours a day, which can be bought and sold at any time. Investors can see the investment effect in a short time, and it is easy to operate and can be monitored at any time."