The so-called venture capital refers to a kind of commercial investment behavior that invests funds in the high-tech development field with great risk of failure in order to obtain high capital gains after success. Venture capital is an important means to support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements under the market economy system. Its essence is to realize the realization of owner's equity by investing in a high-risk and high-return project group and selling or listing the successful projects in it. At this time, it can not only make up for the loss of failed projects, but also enable investors to obtain high returns.

What we usually call venture capital refers to those investment activities related to high-tech industrialization, which is the abbreviation of high-tech venture capital. Venture capital and high-tech constitute two wheels to promote venture capital, and both are indispensable. Venture capitalists (companies), while injecting funds into venture enterprises, are bound to intervene in the operation and management of the enterprises, provide consultation, participate in decision-making on major issues, even dismiss the managers of the companies when necessary, and take over the companies in person to try their best to help the enterprises succeed. It can be seen that venture capital is an active investment activity, not a passive gamble. It is an important supplement to the traditional investment mechanism and plays an extremely important role in the development of a country's productive forces and the upgrading of its economic structure. This is the end of the summary of Xiaobian. If you have more questions about this aspect, please come to Hualv. com for consultation. Hualv. com provides professional legal consultation services, and professional lawyers will answer your doubts for you.